Frequently Asked Questions:


Does Carrington Swim & Racquet have a Web-site? Yes, go to for all things Carrington.

Can I bring a Guest? Each household may invite a maximum of five (5) guests per day. To minimize overcrowding and maintain legal & safe lifeguard requirements, parties in excess of five guests must be authorized in advance.

How much does it cost to bring a Guest?  In 2016 guest fees have gone away when you wish to bring 5 or less guest.    NOTE: No member whose pool privileges are revoked or suspended may be a guest of another member.

What facilities are available?  Carrington features an adult swimming pool and a children’s pool.  There are numerous lounge chairs available in shady or sunny locations, picnic tables with umbrellas, Wifi.   Separate men and women restrooms (newly renovated) each including showers and changing areas.  Two lighted tennis courts available for your playing enjoyment. The Clubhouse is available to rent for a nominal fee but only to our swim and racquet members.  Contact us @ clubhouse rental details.

Are lifeguards always on duty? Lifeguards are on duty at the adult pool at all times when the pool is open.  The children’s pool is not lifeguard supervised. Children must be accompanied by an adult when using the children’s pool. 

Can children be left at the pool unsupervised? Children cannot be left at the pool unsupervised.   Children aged 13 years or younger must be supervised at all times by an adult or responsible person aged 16 years or older.

What if my child is in diapers?   Young children still using diapers must be outfitted with special swimming diapers before entering the children’s or adult pool.

Can I smoke at the Pool and Tennis Courts?  There is no smoking allowed in the pool or tennis enclosures.

Can I bring food and beverages to the pool?  Feel free to bring food and beverages to the pool.  Members over 21 years old are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at the pool; however, disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. NO GLASS CONTAINERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA. CLEAN UP after yourself / family.  We are trying our best to control ants around the pool deck.  However, when food or drinks are spilled and not cleaned up by kids / parents, ant control becomes difficult.

Is there a snack bar?  The Snack Shack will continue to provide a great menu of options.  Most items are only $1.  Menu items to include (various drinks, microwave popcorn, candy, chips, slushy’s, popsicles, healthy choices, ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream….heck..we purchased a ground freezer JUST for ice cream….).  

Is there an adult swim? Adult swim takes place each hour for 10 minutes.  Children and young adults under 16 years old are not allowed in the pool during adult swim.   Also, as noted above, adults have the option to use the pool facility, at their own risk, outside of normal business hours.

Is parking available at the swim and racquet club?  Ample parking is available adjacent to the swim and racquet facilities.

Do you offer swim lessons?  Individual and group swim lessons are available and offered by the lifeguards and New South Swimming.  See lifeguards or Craig for specific fees and information.

Is the pool crowded?  The pool is busier on the weekends, but the pool is rarely crowded.   Our holiday’s party are by far the busiest times of the year…but also the best!!!!

Are social activities held at the pool and/or clubhouse?  Numerous parties take place each spring, summer and fall at the pool/clubhouse.  Some activities in the past included:  Opening day Ice Cream Social, Memorial Day, July 4th, and End of Summer pool parties, Oktoberfest, Wine & Cheese party, Low stakes poker, Movie night at the pool, and Tale Gate party to name a few.  Members enjoy food and beverages at the parties free of charge or for a nominal fee.  All guests are welcome and are only required to pay a $5 fee/family to attend a Carrington sponsored party.

Can members bring toys and floats to the pool?  Members are allowed to bring toys and floats to the pool.  Lifeguards have authority to disallow any toy or float that is deemed unsafe or not being safely used.

Is the pool heated?  YES. The adult pool is heated in early spring and late fall.  The children’s pool is not heated.  The pools are located in a sunny location and reach a pleasant temperature quickly each year.

Do you have tennis programs?   Yes! Carrington, through our tennis pro Surma Sports Group, LLC, offers various tennis programs for Carrington members.   Some programs are POA sponsored and at no cost to members….like certain adult and kid clinics.  Other programs such as lessons and summer camp are offered at a reduced rate to Carrington members.     See all things Carrington tennis on the Carrington website as well as at

Do Members get a discount at Carrington Camps? – Yes.  At both the Tennis and Camp KC Camps, Carrington Members receive a discounted rate.  Along with Surma Tennis Camp noted above, Camp KC is gearing up for its 11th summer of partnering with Carrington.  With a decade of fun and more to come, check out this summer’s themes at

What if I have more questions? Please contact us at for additional questions or information.