Carrington's 2019 Board of Directors - Homeowners should notify Community Association Management ("CAM") directly with any comments or concerns.  

President - Rick Fiegel
Treasurer - TBD
Secretary - Wayne Gregory
At Large - Frank Osborn, John Cassese, Maurico Jurin, Larry Kendrick, Catherine Triggs


Minutes of Carrington Homeowners Association Board Meeting

January 13, 2019 (3:00pm – 4:15pm)

Rick Fiegel – Board Member

Craig Tramontano – Board Member

Frank Osborn – Board Member

Wayne Gregory – Board Member

Theresa Myers – Board Member

John Cassse - Board Member

Dianne Rippe – Community Association Management

Sixteen Carrington Community Residents



  • ·       Welcome and introduction
  • ·       Quorum call for meeting
  • ·       Nominations and election of directors
  • ·       Financial Report and budget review
  • ·       Ratification of annual budget
  • ·       Community updates
  • ·       Election results
  • ·       Resident question and answer
  • ·       Adjourn


Meeting Called to Order – Board Member Introductions

  • o   Board Members introduced themselves and stated current roles
  • o   Rick announced Craig Tramontano, Carol Kendrick, and Theresa Myers board terms are ending.  Three new member nominations were introduced (Mauricio Jurin, Larry Kendrick, and Catherine Triggs) - all were all approved.  Member terms are two years.
  • o   Rick will serve as acting Treasurer until replacement is named, with assistance from Craig as needed


2019 Board Members

Rick Fiegel, President and acting Treasurer

Wayne Gregory – Secretary

Frank Osborn – Board Member

John Cassese – Board Member

Mauricio Jurin – Board Member

Larry Kendrick – Board Member

Catherine Triggs – Board Member

(always looking for 2-3 new members per year)


Financials – 2018 Results:

  • ·       Reviewed 2018 results compared to Plan
    • o   Revenue of $200k - $3.6k favorable to plan
      • §  General assessments flat since 2013 and will remain so for 2019.
      • §  We average $1,000 per year in late POA fees ($20 ea.)
      • §  Swim memberships increased to $69k in 2018 – up $3k from 2017
        • Ø  138 social members
        • Ø  No marketing done for members since renewal interest remains strong.  Discussed potential of raising member rates to allow for decreased number of members.  May re-visit for 2020.
        • §  Partner fee rentals – allows us to keep resident dues flat
          • Ø  Down $2.7k to plan.  Off slightly due to timing of payments received.  Some payments recorded in 2019, but planned for 2018.
          • Ø  3 schools currently renting, with funds being split 50/50 with New South (between $3,500 - $5,000 to each)
          • Ø  Pool rentals cover all pool expenses (i.e. utilities).
          • Ø  All outside rentals, contractors, etc. carry insurance
          • Ø  Rental fees down from 2017 due to decrease in clubhouse rental activity.  Clubhouse rentals only to residents and members beginning mid-2018.
  • o   Operating expenses $5k unfavorable to plan.  Financial summary shows $25,217 unfavorable but $20k is just timing of excess operations favorability from 2017 moved to reserve in 2018 – just timing of recording move of money.
    • §  Reserve - $85k contributed in 2018 (of which $20k was from 2017 operations)
    • §  Pool Amenities – $9,600 unfavorable to plan due to Trident invoices from prior years not submitted to Carrington POA.  Those invoices were paid in 2018.
    • §  Building & Grounds - $5,500 unfavorable to plan due to beautification initiative in 2018 – extra pine needles, shrub clearing along street, and dying trees removed.
    • §  Administrative/Taxes, Clubhouse Amenities, Tennis Amenities and Social Activities all came in favorable to budget


  • o   Net Income results - $1,652 loss when adjusting for $20k move to reserve from 2017 operating income.
  • o   Cash reserve currently @ $24,723 - at our goal to maintain at $25k to cover emergencies/unanticipated needs.
    • §  Began year at $38k and $85k was added from 2018 operating funds
    • §  Net spend of $98k in 2018 for debt service, clubhouse maintenance, tennis resurfacing and new nets, windshields, benches, rock wall redone, beautification landscaping, and debt service.
  • o   Debt balance at end of 2018 is $81k.
    • §  Expect debt to be paid off in 2020 – 3-4 years early

2019 Budget:

  • ·       2019 budget provided at meeting and was passed


Community Updates:

  • ·       Swim & Racquet Club and General
    • o   In addition to homeowners, we have 138 non-POA families Social Pool members
      • §  This income covers pool maintenance, loan payments, etc.
      • §  In the future, the Board will review lowering this number and/or increasing these dues; in general, this money has assisted with avoiding a general assessment
  • o   In 2019, we will secure through Trident (pool management company) a social activities coordinator, which is cost-neutral to the neighborhood
    • §  3-5 activities to be planned
  • o   The Family Garden is located to the left of the tennis courts and is available for any homeowner to use
    • §  Green tags mean open spots to plant, red means something already planted and growing
    • §  Camp Casey to help with garden maintenance in Summer
    • §  Craig to send out email again with information
    • ·       Maintenance/Improvements/Beautification:
      • o   The picnic tables are in need of repair; the Board to price out replacing with more durable material (i.e., metal, fiber glass, etc.) for longevity.  Will need to assemble a few residents to volunteer for assembly.
      • o   Two new light poles are scheduled for installation in the parking lot.  Awaiting Duke Energy Installation.
      • o   Trees were planted along Hwy 51 in 2018 for visual and sound barrier, starting with Clubhosue side of Carry Ridge.  Landscaping will continue in 2019 to fill in with new trees and on other side of Cary Ridge.
      • o   Sprinkler system was fixed and electrical issues to be fixed for further support growth of new plantings
      • o   The Board will explore new street signage within the neighborhood similar to Glynmoor Lakes/Piper Glen, Rosecliff and Raintree
      • o   The Board will review the clubhouse cleaning (effectiveness, frequency)
    • ·       Security
      • o   Speed and disregard for stop signs along Coburn and Cary Ridge continues to be a horrendous problem; homeowners are encouraged to report license plates, video and pictures to CMPD and copy the Board
        • §  HOA cannot enforce anything with speed but stated rules have recently changed on requirement of speed humps – 500 / day threshold.  Board to revisit option of speed humps.
        • §  Discussed option of getting sign that shows speed.  Must have “x” accidents on record for City to react.  Residents must call Police every time we see speeding.
        • §  Discussed option to hire off duty patrol from 6-9am and 3-6pm to curb speeding and running stop signs
        • §  Board to take speeding and running stop sign as an action item in 2019 to get resolution
        • §  Community Police officer information provided from CAM is below:
          • ·       704-336-3030 I believe is the main number for South Division
          • ·       Community Coordinators:
            • o   Ofc. James Russell  (comes highly recommended)
            • o   Ofc. Beth A. Jackson
            • o   Ofc. Brian Sudimack
            • o   Ofc. Colin Cumberworth
            • o   Ofc. Kenan Brooks
            • o   Ofc. John Causey
          • ·       Once you leave voicemail for the Community Officer, he/she will contact owners during next shift.
          • ·       If it cannot wait, they should dial 911.
          • ·       Speeders, Running Stop Signs, Suspicious Activities, all need to be dealt with ASAP.
          • ·       Community Officers are good to get to know because they can call for more patrols, etc. once they find out about the repeat issues.
  • o   The second gate at the pool remains locked because in past life guards forgot to lock it when they opened it up; the Board will explore replacing the key-lock with a key fob
  • o   Solicitation within Carrington is not permitted; homeowners are encouraged not to answer doors and/or engage with solicitors
  • o   The Swim & Racquet Club parking lot has suspicious activity occurring late-night, often during the summer; the Board will explore additional lighting, camera adjustment/installation and security patrol
    • §  Raised question as to whether a sign can be installed at entrance noting activities are recorded


  • ·       Other
    • o   Some residents are requesting more advanced notice of annual dues deadlines; the Board will review communication plan
      • §  Annual dues are due February 1 and July 1 every year
      • §  Residents can sign up for e-statements on HOA website.  Letter to be sent out from CAM with instructions on how to sign up.
  • o   Fire ants in the common areas.  Will ask landscaping company to eradicate.
  • o   All outside rentals, contractors, etc. carry insurance
  • o   Minutes from the meeting(s) will be provided to homeowners
    • §  Consider auditing the email distribution list for current member/non-member accuracy


Meeting Adjourned