Carrington's 2018 Board of Directors - Homeowners should notify Community Association Management ("CAM") directly with any comments or concerns.  

President - Rick Fiegel
Treasurer - Craig Tramontano
Secretary - Theresa Myers
At Large - Frank Osborn, Carol Kendrick, John Cassese, Wayne Gregory

Carrington's FY 2017 Annual Meeting will be determined and communicated in the near future via a mailed letter from our property managemnet company, CAM. 

The Carrington 2016 Annual Meeting was held at the Carrington Clubhouse on January 15, 2017.  The meeting was called to order at 4:04 PM.  Board members in attendance included:
  • Craig Tramontano
  • Rick Fiegel
  • Carol Kendrick
  • H.R. Goff
  • Theresa Myers
  • Frank Osborn
A quorum was confirmed and board members introduced to attendees.
A request for nominations to the board was made by Craig - no nominations were forthcoming.
The 2016 EOY financial summary was reviewed.  Highlights include:
  • Actual operating income of $196,968 vs budget of $182,540 - a positive variance of $14,428.  The projected 2017 operating income budget is $192,915.
  • Actual operating expense of $195,525 vs budget of $182,540 - a negative variance of $12,985.  The projected 2017 operating expense budget is $191,915.
  • Projected cash reserves at 2017 EOY is $25,926
Several community updates were discussed:
  • New South Swim Club continues to use the pool and pay for all pool-related expenses.  In addition, 2 middle schools also use the pool mornings and afternoons, generating $24,693 operating income.
  • The Crown cell Tower issue remains unresolved.  Carrington's strategy for now remains to continue to ask questions and gather information, with the hope of ultimately avoiding any cell towers within the Carrington neighborhood.  If Crown decides to proceed with installation, a decision will be made at that time as to whether to accept this as inevitable or continue the fight in court; at considerable expense.
Resident questions pertaining to the operating budget, related expenses and community updates were addressed throughout the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:12 PM.
Meeting minutes submitted by:
Frank Osborn


  Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes:





The annual meeting for the neighborhood was held on January 17, 2016 in the Clubhouse.  Board members present were Craig Tramontano, President and Vicky Salo, Secretary.  Not present were board members HR Goff, Treasurer, Jim Marascio & Denise Bambrick.


  1. The meeting was called to order at 4:15pm  

  2. An Agenda, a 2016 Annual Meeting Election Ballot, and a FY 2015 Financial Summary were made available to all attending.

  3. Craig Tramontano, current POA President then:
    1. Welcomed members with a introduction of the board and walkthrough of the agenda,
    2. Discussed the open board positions, solicited nominations, & election results
      1. No nominations were noted, as a result, two open board positions remained opened.

      2. The current Board will continue to seek nominations in the hope that new homeowners will consider joining the Board

    1. In the absent of the HR Goff, Treasure, Craig then discussed the financial health of the POA.  Noted it remains strong and discussed the below. 
      1. Various questions regarding outside memberships, reserve account spend, etc. were discussed by the group.

    1.  FY2015 Financial Summary
      1. Noted “Operationally” 2015 results were approx. $5k favorable to budget. Key points included:

        1. HOA Membership Dues were discussed, (due to some concerns on the recent construction) and it was noted the for the 5th year in a row, HOA dues will not increase.  They will remain the same at their current rate.   The past and current Boards have found ways to generate revenue and control costs, all while considering the best interest of the Community.

        2. Operating Revenue ended unfavorable to budget by approx. $6k due to Memberships coming in $2k below budget and Rental Fees off by $3.8k.  

        3. Operating Expenses were favorable to budget by approx.$11k.  This was primarily attributed to Admin Cost and Clubhouse Amenities Expenses coming in favorable to budget.

        4. Reserve Spend 2015 was discussed.  The Operating Activity was made up of $50.4k of contributions, offset by spend of $38.5 in loan payments, $33.9k of facility improvements, and $21.7k in pool resurfacing.

        5. Current Reserve Funds remains strong.  $104k remains to cover remaining construction costs, and $45k remains to cover future operating items.  

      2. FY 2016 Budget

        1. Noted projected revenue & expenses of $182,540. 

  1. Craig Tramontano then discussed with those attending a handful of other items brought forth:
    1. Clubhouse Construction - Completion target date, without any unexpected delays, is Feb.  28th
    2. Yard Sale – Consider a Spring date for better participation / traffic
    3. Speedbumps – Investigate for obtaining at City cost or Carrington’s cost.
    4. Social Events – Consider planning more social events for all ages living within Carrington.
    5. Guess Fees –Eliminated guest fees going forward for 5 or less guess
    6. ATT Uverse  - How will this impact our yards, etc.  Follow-up to happen with ATT.

  2. Meeting Adjourned

  3. FY 2016 Board Members:

Craig Tramontano – President –

HR Goff – Treasurer –

Vicky Salo – Secretary –

Jim Marascio – At Large –

Denise Bambrick –



Please contact any Board Member at the above e-mail addresses if you wish to join the Carrington Board.   New members, new ideas, and new involvement is needed if we are going to keep Carrington the great place to live that it currently is.